Roben Kleene

Motion Graphics Software Market Share, 2015

Motiongrapher surveyed their readers in 2015 and 854 people responded. One of the questions is about which software they use for creating motion graphics. Here are the results1:

  1. 96% Adobe After Effects
  2. 90% Adobe Photoshop
  3. 79% Adobe Illustrator
  4. 68% Cinema 4D
  5. 52% Adobe Premiere Pro
  6. 12% Maya
  7. 9% Final Cut Pro
  8. 8% Nuke
  9. 7% 3ds Max
  10. 5% Houdini
  11. 3% Sketch
  12. 2% Blender
  13. 1% Unity

After seeing these results, I went back and added Adobe’s products to the previous numbers I’d looked at from the user interface question from 2018 design tools survey:

  1. 70% Sketch
  2. 21% Figma
  3. 20% Adobe Photoshop
  4. 18% Adobe XD
  5. 18% Adobe Illustrator

Or, with all the Adobe products combined:

  1. 70% Sketch
  2. 56% Adobe Products
  3. 21% Figma

56% puts Adobe solidly in second place after Sketch2. Taken with previous market share numbers I looked at with video editors, where Adobe Premiere Pro came out ahead at 63%, it paints quite a picture of Adobe’s dominance in creative fields. Adobe is also almost certainly dominate in photography, with Adobe Lightroom and print publishing, with Adobe InDesign, neither of which have any serious competitors. This means Adobe is dominate in photography, video editing, motion graphics, and print publishing, and second place in user-interface design. Not a bad showing.

  1. I don’t know why Motion from Apple isn’t on this list, perhaps it’s rolled in with Final Cut Pro? ↩︎

  2. Since this is a survey where users can choose multiple products, 56% is probably a gross exaggeration, but presumably at least some of those votes are from different users which should push the Adobe products over Figma’s 21%. ↩︎